Netherlands: Zaanse Schans, Holland


Until I met Jonah and Josh, this is what I thought of when I thought of The Netherlands:  Holland, tulips, windmills, and wooden shoes.  The boys had to give us a geography lesson:  1) Holland is a province in the Netherlands, not the name of a country.  2) Tulips only bloom in the spring; therefore, not everyone who visits the Netherlands get to see vast fields of tulips.  3) Windmills are not part of every skyline, although there is a windmill in their village near Maastricht, and they are used to do work, not just look pretty. 4) Clogs were originally made of wood, designed regionally, and used for all different purposes.  Dutch people (or as our friend Emma would often say, Netherlandians) often still wear clogs, but they are made of more comfortable materials now.  We visited “touristy” part of The Netherlands, found in the province of Holland, on our way to Heidi and Eben’s home.  What trip to the Netherlands would be complete without it?

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