Discovering Prague

We knew we were going to take a walking tour of Prague the next day, so we began our unguided exploration on this day with an out-of-the way marketplace that we heard was a locals’ haunt.  We went and were surprised to find that the only street food we could get was Vietnamese!  Who knew that many of the locals were Vietnamese? We finally settled on a beer garden.  My son, Levi, thinks that’s the funniest thing ever, since I’m 54 and, up until this summer, have NEVER had a beer in my life.  Yes, I’ve tasted them, but I’ve never liked them, and I certainly would never have paid money to drink one!  Here’s the thing, though:  I’ve always been a “heavy drinker.”  I’m not that into alcohol, but I’m totally into having the most liquid I can get for the least money.  In the United States, that’s tap water or Coke Zero with free refills.  In Prague, just like in Brussels, that’s beer.  We had beer, goulash, and sausage.  Then we went to check out the open market booths selling flowers, meats, fruits, vegetables, fish, gifts, and even clothing.  It made for some beautiful photographs.  We also met a painter, Larisa Horkova, and bought one of her beautiful paintings of Old Town Prague featuring the famous Charles Bridge. This will be our one souvenir, and it will hang in our study with paintings from previous trips.  Best of all, it was tiny and flat enough to fit in with our paperwork for the trip, so we didn’t have to ship it, and we wont’ notice carrying it!

Later in the day, we walked up a hill to a beautiful park for some breathtaking view of the city.  It was relaxing, romantic, and a great way to end the day.  Then we settled into our new “home.”  It had beautiful 2-story rooftop terrace in which to settle after a long day of walking.  Bill cooked us a delicious pasta dish, paired it with a bottle of wine, and we spent the rest of the evening marveling on our what a great trip we have had so far. 

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