Alaska Group Cruise 2023 RSVP


Your travel agent is Michael Gallegos with Expedia Cruises, Longmont, CO.

Feel free to call him at 303-915-7127 or email him at

Also feel free to call the office at (970) 480-1114 if Michael is unavailable.

We are glad you are interested in joining us for this special adventure! We need to know some specific information so that we can reserve your cabin on the ship. To protect your information, you will not make payment at this time but will be called later for that purpose. Your credit card information will not be stored on this site.

The primary traveler will answer general questions for the cabin, personal information for themselves, and additional personal information for other travelers in the cabin.

Once you’ve completed and submitted your RSVP, you will be contacted with more information. Once you have reserved your cabin, you will have a couple of days to pay the deposit in order to make the reservation official. Prices and availability are subject to change until your deposit is paid.

Note: Please submit a new form for each cabin. If you have more than 4 people in your party, you will need to sign up for 2 cabins with an adult in each, as it is difficult to find 5-person cabins.

Primary Traveler in Cabin:

Type of Cabin Preferred:

Once you’ve completed your RSVP, you will be called with more information. Then you will be asked to apply a deposit within two days. The final payment will be due on August 7, 2023. Then you’ll be ready to cruise!

***NOTE: The prices above are per cabin for double occupancy. Passengers not sharing a room will be charged for the full room, and there will be a discount fare charged for a 3rd and/or 4th passenger. The 3 perks to choose from include Wifi for 2 devices, specialty dining for 2, and $50 discount on shore excursions. The last perk, adult beverage package, is only included in the *4* perks.

Second Traveler in the same cabin (If no more travelers, scroll down and submit):

Third Traveler in the same cabin (if no more travelers, scroll down and submit):

Fourth Traveler in the same cabin (if no more travelers, scroll down and submit):

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