Fall Dance Cruise

Aboard Cunard Cruise Line’s Queen Mary II

October 6-13, 2023

Do you like to dance? Come with Ananda Academy of Dance and dance on the sea with
like-minded individuals!

Your host is Gabriel Wilson. Gabriel founded Ananda Academy to bring dance to everyone who wants to learn. His special approach is to make each step fun and easy, building upon what you know step by step until you flourish with confidence on the floor. You might be on vacation for this trip, but he’ll still be at the work he loves, teaching you moves on the sea!

Your travel agent is Jacinda Miller. She loves setting up trips that help her clients find new horizons, no matter what their preferences are. This trip of fall colors and dancing fits the bill! Feel free to call her at (970) 480-1114 or (970) 590-0760 or email her at jacmiller@expediacruises.com.

You may also call our office staff at (970) 480-1114 with any questions you may have.


Day 1: Friday, October 6, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Day 2: Saturday, October 7, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Day 3: Sunday, October 8, on the St. Lawrence River, Canada

Day 4: Monday, October 9, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Day 5: Tuesday, October 10, At Sea

Day 6: Wednesday, October 11, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Day 7: Thursday, October 12, At Sea

Day 8: Friday, October 13, New York City

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