A Dozen European Countries in 54 Days and a Carry-On Backpack

Dress Code from our European friend: Did he say DON’T look like an American tourist?

My husband, Bill, and I are getting ready to leave for the trip of a lifetime.  We will be leaving from Denver International Airport in less than 24 hours.  The adventure will take us to twelve European countries.  We are researching on behalf of our present and future clients at Expedia CruiseShipCenters, opening in the fall in Longmont, Colorado.

(1) First, we’ll fly to London, England, where my highlight will be seeing a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre.  (2) Next is Scotland — I guess the locals would say that’s just another part of the same country — the UK.  But if I listed them that way, I wouldn’t have a dozen countries, now would I? (3) Next is the Netherlands, where we will meet the family of some of our favorite people from Ravencrest Bible College.  (4) I’m sure Belgium will be more than just the testing grounds for answering the question, “Are Belgian waffles and Belgian chocolate really any different from any other waffles and chocolate?”  (5) France will follow.  We won’t just visit Paris, but we’ll see some of the French countryside, as well as paying tribute to the heroes of Normandy.  (6) The Czek Republic is next, especially the beautiful city of Prague, followed by (7) Poland, where we will see the famous Warsaw Zoo and, of course, Plaszow Concentration Camp to mourn a sorrowful time in the history of our world. (8) The historic and beautiful architecture of Hungary will be followed by (9) the breathtaking mountains of Switzerland to make us feel a little more at home. (10) In Austria, we will hopefully take in a concert of music by one of my favorite composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  (11) Germany will bring a sweet reunion with a good friend our son grew up with, and according to Bill, an experience that will finally bring me to like beer.  (12) We will end in Ireland, where my grandmother grew up before immigrating to the United States.  I can’t wait to fill in the details for each of these countries.  But I guess I better go get changed… Stay tuned, traveling buddies!

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