Medieval Memmingen

Our train broke today, so now we’ve experienced everything.  We were supposed to take a train from Salzburg, Austria to Ulm, Germany and then transfer to a train to Memmengen.  But the train stopped at Munich and said it was having difficulties and would “terminate” at Munich.  Thank goodness for the Google Maps and Eurail apps.  Bill quickly rerouted us to Bledsoe, Germany, where we hopped on a bus going to Memmingen.  I guess we should have flown there because had three problems:  First, we’re in a much less populated part of Germany and therefore cannot get public transportation wherever we want to go.  We could walk around town easily enough, but of course, we wanted more.  Second, there were no car rentals at the train depot.  Third, there was no public transportation from the train depot to the airport, where we could rent a car.  We finally settled on walking to the hotel, offloading our bags, and having them set up a taxi for us.  We got a car, parked it at the hotel, and walked around the entire city.  Then we were ready for our trip to meet our friend Curtis in the morning and check out a castle!

Memmengen is a small city that still has almost its entire original city wall from the 1400s.  We started on our walk, which is usually just a several mile wander around a city, and we happened upon a city sign. It explained that we could take the red route to follow the entire wall around the city, along with some of the architecture, or we could go beyond that follow the green route to see the wall, architecture, canals and parks.  Of course, we chose the green route.  It was a beautiful walk, and it was fun to see the wall that had been built 600 years ago, take pictures of the churches, towers, canals, and even part of the moat that has been turned into a park with slides and chain link stairs.  They’ve done a beautiful job of moderinizing while still maintaining the ancient appeal.  Sadly, we can’t drink out of the fountains here, and we had long ago drained our water bottle, so we had to stop midway at a Biergarten and have a beer.  We’re in Germany, so we found one of those every couple of blocks.  Don’t worry.  We only stopped at one.

We ended our evening with a light dinner, followed by chocolate spaghetti.  Seriously!  Bill had a mint chocolate sundae, but I had a mound of whipped cream covered with spaghetti noodles made of chocolate ice cream and topped with white grated white cholocate.  It doesn’t get any better than that.


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