Fussen, Germany: Hiking in the Alps

Set in the middle of the bustling town of Fussen was a little bit of forest that had not yet been cut down, and in that forest was Villa Toscana, a hotel owned and run by a convent of nuns.  They had cared for an old man until his death, and he left them his home in his will.  They have been running it as a bed and breakfast retreat ever since.  Other than a smaller-than-needed parking area and low pressure showers, this place was a haven.  We didn’t avail ourselves of their spa, but we did enjoy a walk through their little corner of forest and a fantastic breakfast buffet.

Once we had had a good night’s sleep and a delicious breakfast, we set out to explore Fussen.  Old Town Fussen is a quaint little German town with cobblestone streets and plenty of shopping, surrounding a beautiful little abbey equipped with, like every other German town, a clock tower.  

We soon found ourselves on a trail in the Alps, heading out of town.  We began a looped adventure that lasted for hours and led us to a waterfall, the Lech Gorge, several little lakes and ponds, a picnic lunch, a visit to a country Biergarten, down a VERY steep hill to a bigger lake, to a McDonald’s to recover with an ice cream sundae, and back to Villa Toscana for a nap. As for the steep hill, I’ll admit, that was more of the slide down a muddy slope than a hike.  I’m not sure the pants we wore that day will ever fully recover, especially mine, since I spent more time on my bottom than Bill did.  Oh well, the sights we saw were worth it, so I’ll let them tell the rest of that story.

We ended the day at Olivenbauer, a traditional German restaurant that stuffed us to the gills with spareribs, beef, turkey, chicken, potatoes, and of course beer.  We finally headed back to Villa Toscana and fell into bed, fat and happy.

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