Driving in France: Round and Round and Round About

img_20180617_202537Teri has been writing all of the blog stories until now.  If you have been following her blog, you should remember the story our tour guide in France told about a driver who got stuck in the roundabout and was driving around and around as the sun set and then came up again the next day.

In northern France, Teri and I rented a car — our first car in Europe.  Once we got the car, I fired up Google, handed the phone to Teri, and away we went, right into our first round-about. Teri said to take the third exit.  I counted one, two three, and exited. Oops, I counted an incoming-only road as one of the three exits. Google took us through a neighborhood of narrow hilly streets and right back to the roundabout.  This time, she told us to take the third exit, which I did. Google was still not happy.  She routed us around a shopping area, through a parking lot, and back to the roundabout. We were really confused.  Google did tell us the names of the streets in French, but that was not helping at all, since we couldn’t find the street signs.

There were two more streets exiting the roundabout that we had not taken, so we entered the roundabout and took one of those two streets.  Google again routed us back to the roundabout.  What was going on?  Were we destined to spend our whole time in northern France in this roundabout?  We again entered the roundabout and took one street we had not tried.  No luck.  Google again took us back to the roundabout.

Teri, realizing we had a major problem, checked the location I had entered into Google.  She discovered that instead of selecting the address of our Bed and Breakfast, I had selected the address of the rental car company.  Google had been trying to take us back to were we started this entire time!  No wonder we couldn’t get where we were trying to go!  Once Teri selected the correct address, we sailed through the roundabout, and we were finally on our way. The sun did not set on us in the roundabout after all.  Yay!



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