Safe to travel?

Social distancing is required at DIA, but since it isn’t enforced well, you’ll have to protect yourself by keeping your mask on and being careful where to sit.

As you probably know, Bill and I are travel agents. Why did we decide to get into a travel business? Because we love to travel! For the past thirty-seven years, we have been traveling together. When the opportunity came along to purchase a travel agency with Expedia Cruises, we thought, what better way to make a business of what we love to do? 

Until Covid-19 came along. It effectively brought our business — and our hobby — to a grinding halt. For over a year. I have lung conditions, so we decided we had to wait until a vaccine came along to get back to what we love. And if we didn’t feel safe traveling, how could we recommend to others that it is safe to travel?

Well, all that is coming to an end, and we couldn’t be happier! I’ve been vaccinated, thanks to Estes Park School District (I am an online teacher with them), and we decided to venture out! Just think… soon everyone who wants to be vaccinated will be. Our first trip was to AMResorts’ Now Amber in Puerto Vallarta. They don’t require a vaccine, but they are very careful about Covid. They require masks while walking around the resort, even outside (except on the beach). The employees all wear masks, inside or outside. They take our temperature before we enter the resort or any restaurant. They offer a free Covid test so that we can return to the United States, and if it’s (heaven forbid) positive, they offer an additional free week’s stay under quarantine. With a beautiful balcony equipped with a jacuzzi and 24 hour room service, even Covid wouldn’t completely ruin our trip! So… we took the leap.

The view from our room. If we had to be quarantined here, we’d we could definitely tolerate it!

At Denver International Airport, masks and social distancing are required. For someone who has pretty much stayed home for a year, it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. However, it wasn’t totally without concern on this busy spring break day. We weren’t the only ones who had decided it was time for an escape, and the airport was hopping!

Once on our completely-full flight, we felt a little safer because of what we know about the air circulation on airplanes. Air enters from the outside through inlets on the roof of the plane above each row. It then flows straight to the floor and under the row of seats to an outlet. It is a mixture of half fresh air and half air recycled through a HEPA filter like the ones used in operating rooms.

All in all, I wouldn’t say traveling is risk-free, but neither is going to the grocery store. If you decide to take the leap, let us help you vet your destination, keep your mask on and social distance, just like you would in your own town. When on the plane, staying in your seat and facing forward can reduce the risk even further.

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